Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance

Supporting Visitors, the Economy & our Neighborhoods


Vacation rentals provide significant economic benefit to Monterey County that counts tourism as its number two industry. Our vacation rental guests stay longer and spend more than hotel guests. This results in many thousands of customers each year for restaurants, wineries, gift shops, art galleries, tourist attractions, and supermarkets. This translates into local jobs! And vacation rentals directly employ local housekeepers, gardeners, and handymen. Restrictive regulations would be devastating to families and the local economy.

The County’s general fund is directly benefited by vacation rentals. Our visitor spending generates significant sales tax revenue. In addition, vacation rentals in Monterey County pay transient occupancy tax (TOT) at a rate of 10.5% of the gross rent. Sales tax and TOT are the biggest revenue sources for the County behind property taxes, thus helping to pave our roads and provide fire, police, and medical services.

MCVRA commissioned an analysis of the economic benefits of vacation rentals located throughout Monterey County. The study concluded that vacation rentals are a vital part of the County’s tourism economy benefitting the local economy by $131.8 million annually and supporting more than 1,400 jobs.  Click to see the report.

We continue to collect spending information from our guests when they fill out our feedback form after their stay in our homes. Click here for the hard copy form or here for the online version of the form.