Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance

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Use this page to join MCVRA, to renew your membership, and to contribute financially.

We work hard to protect your vacation rental business from overly restrictive government regulations. It is time to get involved. Join MCVRA. You will receive notices about regulations and updates on our progress.


  • Are you uncertain as to what jurisdiction and regulations affect your home?  Contact us.
  • If you have not been paying transient occupancy tax (TOT), we will advise you.
  • If you have been selected for audit by the County, we can guide you through the process.
  • Is your property located in the inland region of the County but you do not have a permit? We will advise you.
  • Accidentally double booked or have an emergency at your home? We will help you find a comparable place for your guests.


We need your financial help to succeed. Your dues cover expenses including legal advice, political advice, lobbying, public relations campaigns, this website, industry trade association memberships, phone service, printed materials, etc., all critical to our ability to influence government decision makers.   Your all-volunteer MCVRA Board of Directors receives not a penny. With just a single booking, you will recover the cost. Consider your financial loss if overly restrictive regulations were passed.

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B. Join MCVRA - Protect Your Property Rights

MCVRA is working hard to protect your right to use your property as you want with a balanced and reasonable ordinance. We need your financial help to do this. 

We now offer a monthly subscription making it easy and affordable to support our goals .  But we still offer an annual subscription if you prefer. Please consider a contribution based upon your home's average rent for a single night.   You may pay by credit card or PayPal. You may change your method of donation, the amount of your donation, or cancel your membership in MCVRA at any time. 

To make your contribution, click on the button below that matches your average nightly rent. 

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