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Owners are often uncertain as to what short-term rental (STR) regulations and restrictions apply to their home. The answer depends upon the location of the home. Currently regulation varies considerably depending upon the jurisdiction.

If your STR is in an incorportated Monterey County city, click LOCAL CITIES.

If your STR is in an unincorportated area of Monterey County, click MONTEREY COUNTY.

In addition, California State laws also affect STRs. Click CALIFORNIA.

The Monterey County Weekly ran an article titled " As short-term rentals continue to proliferate, new regulations take shape." See article.

The Monterey Herald ran an article summarizing local vacation rentals titled “Monterey Peninsula cities grapple with boom of short-term rentals”. This was followed by the Herald editor’s opinion titled “New economy needs smart regulation” including the statement “There’s no holding back on the new economy…” Exactly! Read Full Article See Editorial


We support & encourage fair regulation. A win-win-win vacation rental ordinance should:

• Make it easy for a property owner to offer their residential property for short-term vacation rentals.

• Require that all short-term rentals pay Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), so visitors help support the services local residents need.

• Establish strict and enforceable standards to prevent neighborhood impacts.

Until we have a strong and enforceable vacation rental ordinance in place, we will have the “worst of both worlds.” Many vacation rentals are not collecting taxes our government needs and we don’t have effective enforcement to protect our neighborhoods.

Let's continue to offer vacation rental homes to visitors desiring the benefits of this type of lodging. Let’s not drive them away to other areas. Let’s continue to share our coastline with visitors.

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